Q&A: If the US is serious about global warming why doesn’t it use solar power for its electric chairs?

Posted on 23. Oct, 2011 by Rise and Recline Chair in rise and recline chair

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10 Responses to “Q&A: If the US is serious about global warming why doesn’t it use solar power for its electric chairs?”

  1. Bertie D

    23. Oct, 2011

    it is all about the money lost in tax. You can not tax solar power

  2. George D

    23. Oct, 2011

    No such thing as Global Warming except for the Lefts $ $ $ interests. Gotta love Gore paying back his own co. for his offsets.

    Good thing he’s president!

  3. skip

    23. Oct, 2011

    Because no one has been inventive enough to see the possibilities. Start the execution early in the morning, so that it takes a while for the solar panels to kick in and place a large crockpot over the condemned with cheap meats and a few veggies. that way you get a nice pot roast for the inmates at zero extra cooking cost.

  4. Dennis S

    23. Oct, 2011

    I would go for that if we still used the electric chair. Unfortunately the bleeding heart liberals decided this was too cruel. Now we even sterilize the needle before giving the condemned a lethal injection. So a solar powered electric chair is totally out of the question since the condemned will be frying for days due to the inefficiency of solar power.

    As far as the camping trip in Baghdad goes – hmmm been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

  5. Carpe diem

    23. Oct, 2011

    Too costly to convert to solar, but they do use the toasted
    prisoners as mulch for their flower beds……

  6. Ford Prefect

    23. Oct, 2011

    heavy chunk of iron chained to to the ankles would work fine…then the “take a deep breath” statement they use with gas wouldn’t have to be changed. believe it or not, i am a Liberal…the only difference though is that the person being executed must be guilty by more than here-say or circumstantial. there must be guilt beyond using the statements of other people. some sort of solid forensic evidence or something that even a skeptical person would agree with.

  7. Artman

    23. Oct, 2011

    Becasue electric chair is no longer used in the US. The needle is the new fashion.

  8. backyard_tire_biter

    23. Oct, 2011

    I’d be all in favor of using solar power to keep the beer coolers running during public hangings…

  9. rico3151

    23. Oct, 2011

    Dead criminals don’t reoffend or take up space. Lets put in express lines!

  10. VICTOR H

    23. Oct, 2011

    not only is this a rather pointless question, you have also posted it in the wrong forum.