Survey: How long does it take for hypothermia to set in?

Posted on 09. Jul, 2011 by Rise and Recline Chair in rise and recline chair

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13 Responses to “Survey: How long does it take for hypothermia to set in?”

  1. I Eat Legs

    09. Jul, 2011

    Douse her with warm water. That’ll help.

  2. cel's giant jolly beaver

    09. Jul, 2011

    She’ll be fine. Just throw a blanket over her.

  3. Timinator.

    09. Jul, 2011

    That’s how they preserve old people, is by freezing them.

  4. τuβlєt™

    09. Jul, 2011

    I think that’s medical experimentation without a license, but I’m not telling on you if we can get naked together for the holidays.

  5. The Cat AKA @ss

    09. Jul, 2011

    It depends on whether she’s wearing cotton or not. It retains water and death comes quicker.
    a water temperature of 10°C (50 F) can be expected to lead to death in approximately 1 hour, and water temperatures hovering at freezing can lead to death in as little as 15 minutes. [8] On the other end of the scale, in water even a temperature as high as 26°C (80 F) may eventually (after many hours) lead to mild hypothermia. [9]
    So, I’d say you have about 30 minutes. Just bring her a bottle of Jack Daniels and you probably have another 10 minutes.

  6. Futility Knife

    09. Jul, 2011

    If you keep it up she will write you out of her will. Then how will you get her antique bedpan collection???

  7. Ronatnyu

    09. Jul, 2011

    As long as she’s out there you might as well decorate her for Christmas


    09. Jul, 2011

    She will be just fine. You have at least 5 and half hours before you need to check on her!

  9. Uncle Snotty Decks Your Halls

    09. Jul, 2011

    If you spray her with ice cold water, she’ll actually go into hibernation, and be much easier to revive later.

  10. ?

    09. Jul, 2011

    as long as she can touch her thumb by her little finger she will be ok

  11. bgbbill

    09. Jul, 2011

    if she freezes to death, she wont have a chance to ‘get run over by a reindeer!’ love that song :) )

  12. cassandras_evil_sister1

    09. Jul, 2011

    well at least make urself some hot chocolate b4 u go and drag out the extension cord for her!! lol

  13. Cherry Bomb™ bored

    09. Jul, 2011

    in response to your answer to my question:

    i don’t know, but let’s argue about it!!

    cookie!! lol