Q&A: Have you seen fat people on Rascal Scooters or Powerchairs?

Posted on 12. Mar, 2011 by Rise and Recline Chair in rise and recline chair

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13 Responses to “Q&A: Have you seen fat people on Rascal Scooters or Powerchairs?”

  1. a_sexualasianangel

    12. Mar, 2011

    My thoughts exactly!

  2. Gemma G

    12. Mar, 2011

    Maybe they can’t …. obesity is a disease .. most people can’t control it .. i agree that they should walk but remember they get more exhausted for doing daily activities. If i was too fat to walk i’d start getting healthier i can’t imagine being that immobile

  3. aeriolf

    12. Mar, 2011

    this is funny – you are so right this is usually the kind of person that uses these devices! many overweight people have some trouble with their joints and movement because of their weight so eventually it becomes something that will continue to deteriorate and harder to turn around.

  4. pumpkin

    12. Mar, 2011

    okay – obviously you’ve never been around anyone in chronic pain or with a debilitating condition & you have no sense of compassion. My mom has degenerative arthritis in both knees & her spine. She is down to bone on bone in all locations – constant grinding pain. She can’t walk, she can’t sit up straight anymore or even stand up completely straight. she went from being 5′7″ to 5′1″ in just a matter of years. She makes do with a regular old wheelchair instead of a powered one. To the outward appearance it looks as tho nothing is wrong with her – she just looks like a lazy old fat woman who won’t walk. But YOU try living with your spine grinding away & see how long it takes YOU to get in a powered chair, okay?? And no, she can’t have her knees replaced & as far as I know, no one has ever had a spine replacement. She can’t exercise – she gains weight – she can’t get around. It’s a vicious cycle. Obviously none of you who’ve responded to this have any brains or sense of kindness to anyone else. You think it’s funny. Get some compassion – walk a mile in the other persons’ shoes before passing judgement. Grow up.

    Oh yeah – all that & my mom is ONLY 63 now. So guess what, youth, beauty, health & strenght DO NOT last & you are not guaranteed to be young, strong, healthy & beautiful forever. No one was stronger than my mom or could do more in a single day. That was one hard working woman!! so NO, it doesn’t last & can be taken from you in a matter of minutes.

  5. usullafollette

    12. Mar, 2011

    Yeah Pumpkin!!!Poo-Bah to all who stand for the downtrodden,the weak,and the sick.

  6. Seamsfit

    12. Mar, 2011

    Sure have!!!!wonder what happened to the seat.:-)

  7. spade_2nite

    12. Mar, 2011

    Why do you have to answer your own question :) ) ? That is the sad part about our society. People rely on medicine/technology to be a cure for unhealthy living.
    Of course there are some exceptions, but they are that, exceptions. Most people are over weight from an unhealthy lifestyle.

  8. lavenderroseford

    12. Mar, 2011

    I agree with you!

  9. Caffiend

    12. Mar, 2011

    That is really insensitive of you. There are lots of reasons people are stuck in those chairs. Once you can’t walk, for whatever reason, it gets harder than ever to lose weight. Obesity is a disease. Execise and diet are important, but when you can’t get the exercise you get caught up in a Catch 22 situation. Too heavy, can’t walk. Can’t walk, can’t lose weight.

  10. Jenn

    12. Mar, 2011

    I don’t think you can qualify for a Rascal Scooter or Powerchair just because you’re overweight. I think you have to have a medical condition. I know being overweight causes health problems like heart problems and such….but I don’t think anyone ever said “Let me gain weight and get a medical condition so I can qualify for a powerchair.”

  11. theobromo77

    12. Mar, 2011

    Yes, I have at the grocery where I worked. Then one of them came in with his nurse assistant. He was so out of shape that he had to have help exercising. He walked all 17 aisles, but it took an hour and a half. The man was literally DRIPPING sweat and shaking from exhaustion. I thought he was going to die! He’s getting better at it now and he can come alone.

  12. cziizi

    12. Mar, 2011

    there was this infamous poster circulating in the late seventies/early eighties. it was of a pair of twins – each 700+ pounds – riding 50cc honda cubs… looked like the wheels came directly outta their butts! good for a (cruel) laugh.

  13. Juicy

    12. Mar, 2011

    If they are on the power scooter being lazy, then they need to get off their a** and walk.
    Some fat people have actual medical issues though and might actually need their scooter.