Pride Electric Lift Recliner Chair

Posted on 18. Feb, 2011 by Rise and Recline Chair in rise and recline chair

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10 Responses to “Pride Electric Lift Recliner Chair”


    18. Feb, 2011

    that chair is made for Jesus

  2. conVINCEdyet

    18. Feb, 2011

    Pride is very good. However, there is a gap between the seat and footrest (or ottoman) in the demo chair you show. Perhaps check Golden Technologies.

  3. timsgtms1222

    18. Feb, 2011

    the best chair is the regency recliners its top notch and made in the uk just had mine tried one of the pride chairs but the regency is better

  4. vandlent

    18. Feb, 2011

    ive had 2 golden tech chairs and the seats do not holdup well at all ..been told pride ws not as good so what can one do

  5. TattooGirl

    18. Feb, 2011

    Our company sells Pride Lift Chairs and Pride really does have the best chairs. And you can choose the fabric.


  6. SweetLove1Love

    18. Feb, 2011

    Lol haha! Well done! Is that your child? ;)

  7. melecio1

    18. Feb, 2011

    @7863348 i use this chair just to watch movies, im realy praud of my recliner chair, and it going to last very long

  8. melecio1

    18. Feb, 2011

    @fancycrow thanks for your comment, because chair recliner are expensive i decide to make my own chair, alot or hour on this chair

  9. fancycrow

    18. Feb, 2011

    Nice chair and excellent use of materials. Good job!

  10. 7863348

    18. Feb, 2011

    Nice job with a lot of thought. Should last a life time and then some. Enjoy it now!