Q&A: How do You send an electric wheelchair?

Posted on 23. Dec, 2010 by Rise and Recline Chair in rise and recline chair

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4 Responses to “Q&A: How do You send an electric wheelchair?”

  1. Lynne G

    23. Dec, 2010

    Find out how much it weighs first. Then, if the Shipping and Handling is reasonable, find out what company will pick it up at your home. Sounds pretty complicated to sell such a big item, but some people sell bigger things than that.

  2. ramesh

    23. Dec, 2010

    remove the battery first. unlock brakes. load and secure in a crate by packing material and parcel by truck to destination.

  3. Luis V

    23. Dec, 2010

    check with a mechanic asap

  4. Madkins007

    23. Dec, 2010

    I’d recommend hiring a freight shipper to box it up and move it, and pass the costs to the buyer.

    I’d also suggest trying to sell it locally to avoid this headache.

    Remember- almost anyone who needs an electric chair can get one for free or almost nothing. Most people are shocked to learn that the chair that cost $ 10,000+ often will go for only a few hundred bucks.