Handy Seat Walking Cane

Posted on 11. Oct, 2010 by Rise and Recline Chair in rise and recline chair

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3 Responses to “Handy Seat Walking Cane”

  1. Jay W. Proud

    11. Oct, 2010

    Review by Jay W. Proud for Handy Seat Walking Cane
    We bought two Handy Seats about 5 years ago. We take them when our kids ride rides at the fair, we can move our Handy Seats into the shade or under the edge of a tent to get out of the weather. We, also, take them to picnics and camping. Both our mothers have reached 80, and we take the Handy Seats with us to Flea Markets, Parades, The State Fair, and other areas where you have to walk to get there. They both enjoy having the walking stick with a seat. We get several people each year asking where they can get one and tell them look on Amazon. We are buying two for friends for Christmas this year.

  2. Ms. Terry Lee Sample

    11. Oct, 2010

    Review by Ms. Terry Lee Sample for Handy Seat Walking Cane
    I am practicing trying to sit on the seat while I am at home. I still have not tried it away from the house. I’m having weakness in my right leg due to my sciatia, so I feel very insecure. I probably will continue using my walker to help me sit down and get up.

    The product itself is exactly as advertised and I believe it will be beneficial to me to use even though I have to hook it on to my aluminum walker. I can’t use the large walker with a seat, as my arms are too weak to get it in and out of my car.

  3. Yooper One

    11. Oct, 2010

    Review by Yooper One for Handy Seat Walking Cane
    I bought the handy seat walking cane for my husband to use when we travel. We have not yet taken a trip, so cannot say if it served it’s purpose. Hopefully we will be able to test it out this summer.