Q&A: Can a drunk handicapped person, who is operating an electric wheelchair, be charged with a DUI?

Posted on 20. Aug, 2010 by Rise and Recline Chair in rise and recline chair

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8 Responses to “Q&A: Can a drunk handicapped person, who is operating an electric wheelchair, be charged with a DUI?”

  1. button21

    20. Aug, 2010

    He can be charged with public intoxication.

  2. Nikki

    20. Aug, 2010

    if he’s in his yard driving his wheelchair, i think so, because you can get a dui or pi i forget which for driving a lawn mower drunk too lol

  3. Nell Nell

    20. Aug, 2010

    hmm that’s a good question i have often thought about that also, and i think that they should be charged with a DUI if they are drunk but I’m sure there is some law around it

  4. emergersplerger

    20. Aug, 2010

    No, just public intoxication. a wheelchair,unlike a motr vehickle, cant kill anyone.

  5. Chris

    20. Aug, 2010

    yes, and he could kill someone, i have seen weirder things,

  6. Sierra C

    20. Aug, 2010

    LOL…That’s out of line!

  7. burnt bob

    20. Aug, 2010

    yes dont even have to be electric they can get dui on ant thing with wheels at least in ohio

  8. smommeee

    20. Aug, 2010

    yes they can, and do. I’m in a wheelchair, and they’re not as easy to operate as you may think. You don’t get instructions with them. Thus:holes in my walls from learning. I don’t slur anymore, but I did right after my stroke. I’ve been called a drunk, and was made fun of when I ran into things. The fact is that I get eye migraines and can barely see sometimes, but I don’t drink. Before my illness I drove school buses, city basses, semi trucks, and access buses for the handicapped. Maybe the guy didn’t get a DUI because he passed the Breathalyzer test. You may have just assumed he was drunk because he was weaving, talked funny, and there was a bar close by. Even if he had been drinking, it doesn’t mean he was drunk. If you thought he was, you could have called the cops and let them decide.